Friday, October 25, 2013

Lunetta Pitch Tracking Fun

I've had some priorities take me away from my electronic pursuits so I apologize for my absence.  Bloblore aka the Bit Crusher, continues to entertain me and confuse my family.  Better to explore the weird and unknown than hang with the mundanes, eh?

Here is a 5 minute clip showing a simple setup. One oscillator going into a 4040 and two divisions from that going to a NAND gate.  The output of that setup then goes to the 4046 pitch tracker.

I use the cd4046 often because it really gives the output of all those ins and outs some mojo; some finality.  It compare it a lot to my other passion, rock n roll.  Ya got to crank that tube amp to get the groove on.  Same idea here; regardless of how simple or complex our patching is, the success lies in the output.

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