Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Communications with Curiosity Rover - Lunetta Track

Ahhh,  time alone to patch in peace.  After a busy day taking care of my boys, finishing my Honey -Do List, fixing dinner and tucking everyone in, nothing is more relaxing than this.

Well, ok, there's probably a few things more relaxing but you catch my drift.  For those into details:

I am using a few oscillators as clock sources for a 4040 (to provide octaves for the 4512 and 4051) as well as a 4094.  The 4094 is providing a few outs for the ABC controllers of the 4051 and 4512.  Each of the common outs of the 4051 and 4512 get mixed in my built in 4 input mixer.  The combined output then goes into a Rocktron VII Deadly Sins Auto Wah for filter control.  Then we hear this noise through my Vox Pathfinder guitar amp in rich, Monophonic Sound.