Friday, July 13, 2012

Lunetta #3 Test Run The 4029 is Fully Operational!

Here's a short clip of my current build.  It has a number of different logic chips and is powered by connecting to the other lunettas in my collection.  This clip shows the 4029 playing a little tune when I connect the Jam inputs with some of the 4017's outs.  It also has an oscillator going into its cock pin.

The name of this build is Pipboy and is the latest member of my luna-family.
The ics:
4029 up/down counter
4040 Divider
4020 Divider
4006 18 stage shift register
4070 gate
4078 8 Input NOR gate
4072 Quad OR gate
4031 shift register

All these ics are simply brought out to jacks (in this instance, nuts and bolts);  nothing fancy or complicated.  Just bring anything remotely an IN or OUT out to the panel :).

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