Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Using the 4094 as controller for the 4512

Here's a lil' video of my lunetta playing a tune with the following ics: 1. 3 oscillators built from the 40106 2. A 4040 divider to provide octaves of the clock source 3. A 4094 to provide the ABC pins of the 4512 ic One clock connects to the 4040. I take 8 outs from that chip and connect them to the 4512. Think of these as the notes to be sequenced. The 4094 has Data and Clock pins that are connected to the remaining two oscillators. Pick any of the outs of the 4094 to influence the ABC pins of the 4512. The 4512 has one output pin so all your bits of sound simply need to go to your mixer/speaker. Get more complicated as you like ;).

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