Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4046 Pitch Tracker in its Simplicity

Here's another clip demonstrating how the 4046 pitch tracker adds tonal variety to the simplest of patches. You do not have to build a ton of intricate modules to ROCK.  Multiply this concept with more oscillators going into more gates or data selectors like the 4512, 4051, 4052, etc., and make some music.

I have made plenty of complicated patches no doubt; but I like to get the most bang for my buck in a more stripped down way as well.   Must be my "guitarist thinking":  it's not how many or how fast you play the notes.  It how you get the most tone dripping from each note.


  1. This circuit brings the heat!

    1. Thanks for looking! I'm tweaking another 4046 pitch tracker in my mini lunetta build. My goal was to make sounds similar to the good old days of Arcade Shops, with all the coin ops bleeping and blasting away.

    2. Awesome, let me know when you get a schematic for the new design.