Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There will be Noise: Lunetta Jam 01

Here is a spur of the moment jam using a few oscillators to control other modules.  It shows how much of a racket you can get by mixing ;).

One oscillator goes to my divider (cd4040).  A number of outs from the divider go into a couple of 4011 gates.  The outs of the gates go to the ins of the 4052.  Two more oscillators go to the A and B controllers on the 4052.  Those inputs will determine which of the 4 channels on my 4052 gets heard.  That output goes to one of the mixer's 4 inputs.

I also have some outs from other ics going into my resistor ladder and that goes to a separate mixer input.  So I'm able to have two different sounding outputs that I can bring in or out of the mix.
Here's the video:

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