Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guitar or Mic Input: Draal's Take on the PWM

I found a great and simple circuit for making a guitar signal "square" and thought it would work in my lunetta.  It's based off of Tim Escobedo's PWM and I used parts I had on hand.  I used a 4093 instead of a 40106 and I also replaced the 500k pot with a 100k.  The .005 cap was replaced with a .0047 as well.  No need for the DPDT switching:  Just run a banana jack to pin 3 of the 386 and your out jack right after the .1uF cap on you cmos chip.

You can add the LFO that's shown in the layout if you want to take advantage of the unused pins of the 40106.  This clip doe not have an LFO modulating the effect.  I will demonstrate that addition soon!

Why all the excitement?  Well, how about using a guitar, keyboard, or circuit bent toy to add some interesting sounds to the mix?  I like using a mic to add vocals to my sessions as well as to provide pulses to "clock" other modules. The Pulse Width pot helps find that sweet spot to trigger other modules.

It works very well as a clock source for the 4040 for example and offers a simple way to create a sense of randomness in our jam sessions.  You could for instance, place a sensitive mic near the dishwasher or open the window when the garbage truck comes, smash around some pans....

From Tim Escobedo's Circuit Snippets

You get the idea.  This module has a ton of versatility in bringing other instruments into the experience as well as providing a pulses to manipulate other ics.  Try it!

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