Thursday, December 22, 2011

cd4046 as Pitch Tracker

I have been experimenting more with the 4046 PLL chip after finding some great projects in Nic Collins' book, "Handmade Electronic Music":

I adjusted some of the values in the schematic to utilize the parts I had on hand. I also removed the 4049 gain circuit used in Collins' design.  It had minimal effect in my Lunetta and there's no need to use it unless you are trying to square up the incoming signal; like from an electric guitar.

SpaceNuts by Draal

Galaxian by Draal
In the tracks above, I fed it the output of my 4052 module (4 inputs where A and B select which input is 'on').  SpaceNuts uses a 22n cap while Galaxian uses a 1uF cap.  The larger cap doesn't track as acurately as the smaller one,  but does offer a great "dive bomber" effect!  Having a switch to choose between two caps like this sounds like a fun idea.

Updated version for Lunetta Use
The effect is quite nice; turning barely audible clicks into a richer pitch making endeavor.


  1. hey, it's "machine.cuisine" from L0g1c. I love your blog. These last few posts are awesome.
    Keep it up - breaking me in good to Lunetta!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, machine! These chips are quite hard to put down.

  3. blimey draal, those clips sound grand, I shall add this to the todo pile!

  4. Thanks, concrete! I'm going to have at least two of these in my machine. I may have to order more for experimenting sake :).