Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4051 CV Generator Module

The 4051 is an analog multiplexer otherwise known as a digitally controlled analog switch.  Three controllers, A, B and C decide which of the 8 channels turn 'on', making it perfect for lunetta use.  You can simply wire the ins and outs to a panel and connect them to the other  modules in your machine and be quite happy.

But I want to show you how to make something even cooler: The 4051 CV Gen.  It's a variant of the 1 Bit Custom Waveform Generator posted here.  I used individual SPST switches instead of the DIP switch idea and I brought AB and C of the 4051 out to the panel to make em' patchable of course.  Big shout out to RFeng over at the "forums" for his suggestions!
Inside 0ut by Draal

 The recording above was done live straight to my Ipad and recorded with the Soundcloud app.

Connect a few oscillators to the AB and C controllers, adjust their respective speeds, and flip a few switches until you are pleased.  Then mix it up by substituting one or more of the oscillators with the outs from some of your other modules.

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