Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Using Leds

Lunettas and blinky lights go hand and hand.  How you go about using them depends on your personal tastes.  Most builders like to have them brought out to the panels to see how the ics interact with one another.  Usually they are mounted with the aid of those little plastic panel mount led holders at your local electronics store.

I went the other route. I'm a big sci- fi nut and I kept my leds within the housing.  I used a big sheet of acrylic from my hardware store for the back of my lunetta box.  I painted it with a semi-transparent Payne's Gray acrylic paint mixed with a clear gel medium.

The front has a fluorescent light panel that diffuses the leds very well.  With the light turned down, I enjoy a light show that doesn't focus on the perceived need to see what each ic is doing.  It's an individual thing, so go as nuts as you like.

The set up in my lunetta:
  • I use superbrights for my leds since I'm using them behind acrylic panels.
  • I connect 10k resistors to the outs of my ics and then connect the other end of the resistor to the anode of the led.  The cathode goes to ground.
  • Since I'm running my machine off a regulated wallwart, I can add as many leds as I want without the worries associated with battery only power. 

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