Friday, November 25, 2011

Tenuous Web. Lunetta track featuring the 4512 ic.

Just a quick demo of the simple lunetta I posted a few days ago.   This was recorded live, with no added effects or editing with the Souncloud App in my Ipad.  Record and upload:  it doesn't get any simpler than that!

This patch shows what you an do with 3 ics.  Once you cut your teeth on this basic setup, you can add more variety and depth by using a few more ics such as the 4011, 4001 and 4070.  These gates can alter your sounds with a little experimentation.

For instance, you could run 2 different oscillators into the 4070 XOR ic and then run that output to one of the ABC controllers of the 4512 or the clock input of the 4040.  How much of a web you construct is entirely up to you.

I promise you it gets harder and harder to stop adding modules :).

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