Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple Beginner's Lunetta or Stand Alone Gizmo

I drew up a basic diagram for a great sounding, simple lunetta that can grow as much as the builder wants.  This setup stands very well ot its own as a noise machine as well.  I am building one without the patch points exactly as I have drawn.  I wanted a small machine that I could take with me anywhere, show people the essence of what I make, etc.

Build it - It will make you happy!

This makes an awesome sounding foundation to understand the basics of lunetta building and help motivate you to even more experimenting.

The 40106 is used to build 4 oscillators: 1 for clocking the 4040 Divider (pin 10) and 3 for the AB&C control inputs of the 4512.  Tie pin 11 of the 4040 to ground.  Connect 8 outputs of the 4040 to the 8 channel inputs of the 4512.  Tie pins 10 and 15 of the 4512 to ground as well.  Output from pin 14 can be used to clock other ics, but I tend to enjoy it straight up - out to my amp.  Enjoy!

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