Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Cmos Datasheets Are Essential in Building Lunettas

In planning a lunetta or any noise box, cmos datasheets are essential. This is where you'll decide which ics to experiment with and what each pin does. We need to know where the power and ground connections are for starters. Then we need to know where the INS and OUTS are.

You'll find all types of logic in the 4000 series cmos collection. From counters and dividers to electronic switches, you'll be in heaven.

In this example, we are looking at the 40106. The datasheet describes what it does and what each pin is. We can see that pin 14 is the power connection and pin 7 goes to ground.

This chip is at the heart of many lunettas because it can give you 6 oscillators to act as sound sources or better yet, as CLOCKS for other ics.

Bottom line is: search the internet and start saving datasheets - you're a mad inventor and you're on your way!

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