Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Power Your Lunetta

There are many pages describing power supplies but what works best for our needs?  Cmos are very frugal in their power consumption typically.  This makes battery power a simple and effective way to juice your machine, especially if you are designing with portability in mind.  You can even have a few leds on the outputs to go blinky blinky as long as you don't get crazy.

If you do go nuts with the leds, or simply despise batteries, you can buy a simple single supply in kit  or completed styles from your favorite electronics store or build one from scratch if you have the skills.

When building your own power supply, decide on what voltage you want your lunetta running at.  Cmos can run a 5v and up to 18v, but I never like to push things too far so I like 12v.  I happened to have a spare wallwart that was 15v and with the 7812 regulator, I can have a regulated 12v of power.  My lunetta has a few vcf's (voltage controlled filter) and i find they run great at 12v but crappy at 5v.

I built this one from PAIA: http://www.paia.com/proddetail.asp?prod=K60&cat=50

Mandatory Warning:  Whenever you deal with electricity and bare hands, there's the opportunity for accidents.  To cover my own arse, I have to state clearly: I am not responsible for any shocks or blown equipment that you may encounter if you wire up stuff wrong.  If this is your very first project, I recommend you buy a premade unit or go the battery route.

OK, that's as scary and Darth Vader -like as I get.

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