Thursday, November 17, 2011

Channel Selectors, Counters, Shift Registers For Lunetta Mashing

Got oscillators - check. Got dividers - check. Got Logic - check. The real fun part in building lunettas (or any sound making device), is personalizing it with ics that are seldom used by the masses.  Forget the 4017 Baby 10 sequencers or the box full of oscillators droning on and on. What will be YOUR unique machine?

There are many different types of counters, electronic switches and data selectors that really mash up these signals in interesting ways.  Head over to  or and search their CMOS pages.  As long as the ics have IN/OUT's, Clock and Data connections, you can make them work in your lunetta.

Some of my current favorite mash up ic's:

Cd4512 8 Channel Selector

Cd4052 switch (Think of it as a dual 4 channel selector)

Cd4018 Presettable N Counter

ANY type of Shift Register cd4015, cd4094 for example (I'll talk about them very soon)

Some of these chips may sound mysterious: adders, latches, flip flops, multiplexers, etc.  Don't hesitate to buy some because you don't have a clue about them.  In lunetta building, we are using (or abusing) these chips in ways that the developers didn't necessarily envision.

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