Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Constructing our Modules

A module can be made of just one ic on a small piece of strip board or a few.  We want all the INs and OUTs brought out to the panel, maybe add some leds and connect the module to our power source.  Choose a material for the panel:  metal, thick plastic, cardboard, etc.  There's an option for any budget.

Not into starting from scratch?  Some creative folks have recycled containers to house their lunettas.  Make a suitcase lunetta or a cookie tin machine.  

Decide on the type of interconnection you want with your lunetta first.  You can use banana jacks and cords like I have in mine or use nuts and bolts.
Lunetta and a mass of cables:  like PB&J!

 My first lunetta (above), was built with a simple wooden frame, sheets of styrene, nuts and bolts and of course alligator clips.  Cheap to build with easy to find materials. 

Here's a banana jack in comparison. You drill your panel holes, secure the banana jack with a nut, then solder your input or output wires from your perf board.
I like to look online for bulk buys with these guys.

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