Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beat Beat featuring the cd4052

Beat Beat featuring the cd4052 ic at My Rockin' Basement

This is a track showing how the cd4052 works in a lunetta. There are two controllers, A/B, that decide which of the four inputs gets sent to the output. Inhibit and VEE pins are tied to ground.  The inputs can be outs from the 4040 (as in this sample), or any of the outs from your other ics. What is extra nice is that this chip has two sets of four inputs (x and y) and therefore two outputs. This recording only uses the x channel.

The simple lunetta I posted about earlier with the 4512 could easily be done with the 4052 as a substitute. I like to set this module up as my back beat, with low thumping beats and run that output to my 4 input mixer.  Then I add other modules to layer the final sound.

This recording is as simple as it gets again: recorded in one take using the soundcloud app on an ipad as recorder.  Output of lunetta is a vox 15watt amp.   No editing or effects are used in these demos.

Here's the Function Diagram of the 4052

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