Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 4015 Shift Register

Shift registers like the 4015 are perfect for our builds because they have a Clock input, a Data input, a Reset pin and 4 outs.  Data enters Q1 and gets shift over during the Clock cycle.  This is a dual ic, so you can have 2 independent clocks and data inputs.

What this means kiddies:  the more we move bits around and different intervals, the better the bit crushing!  Here's the Intersil datasheet (the relevant bits anyway):

Connect an oscillator to the Clock input.  Connect another one to the Data input (or use one of the outs from a gate).  Then run the 4015's outs to other logic inputs or connect them to an R/2R Ladder which then connects to a vco.  I will talk about that set up soon!

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